Bessborough H&S Governance Overview


The Bessborough Home & School (H&S) is a combined council of two separate entities - the provincially mandated “School Council” and the volunteer group “Home and School”.  As we are to govern ourselves to each respective set of Bylaws, we’ve prepared the following to summarize the more evident areas and provisions of each and how our H&S operates and strives to conduct itself to the best standards of both.


  • School Council:  Act as an advisory body by providing ideas and suggestions to assist the principal and, where appropriate, the school board trustees, in making decisions on educational issues.  Advice provided shall be based on the general views of the school council and in the best interests of the students;

  • Home and School:  Enable informed and proactive involvement of our parents to relate our community needs with programs and projects that keep in mind the inter-relationships between home, school and community to obtain the best for each of our students;

  • Bessborough Combined H&S:  We operate as one to ensure these parent volunteer committees can collaborate in the best possible way for our kids and school.



  • School Council:  Elected Chair and Secretary (2 year term), Principal;

  • Home and School:  Elected President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, School Council Representative; Past Chair

  • Bessborough Combined H&S:  Elected Chairs, Secretary, and Treasurer (two year term), School Council Representative (elected by Executive); Past Chair.  **Plus:  Executive Meetings include our Leadership Committee of Fundraising Coordinator, Divisional Representative, and Volunteer Coordinator.


  • School Council:  Parents, Principal, and one each teacher, student, and non-staff representative;

  • Home and School:  Parents who have paid OFSHA dues (called General Members);

  • Bessborough Combined H&S:  Parents who have paid OFSHA dues (called General Members), Principal, and one non-staff representative.


Parent Engagement:

  • School Council:  4 general meetings per year, periodic communication, and training for executive members;

  • Home and School:  4 general meetings per year and periodic communication;

  • Bessborough Combined H&S:  4 general meetings per year held at night at the school, open to H&S members and non-members, Weekly Bulletin, Class Parent emails and H&S Website.   **Plus:  Leadership training for executive and committee leads; training and mentoring for specific roles.


Voting Eligibility and Quorum:

  • School Council:  Not applicable, as nothing is voted through School Council;

  • Home and School:  General Members; equal numbers of Executive to General Members, plus 2 General Members;

  • Bessborough Combined H&S:  General Members; equal numbers of Executive to General Members, plus 2 General Members.


  • School Council:  Not applicable, as all fundraising dollars are raised through and accountable to Home and School;

  • Home and School:  A budget proposed by the Executive is presented to and ratified by the Members; parents pay OFHSA annual membership fees ($15 per individual or family membership;

  • Bessborough Combined H&S:  Enrichment Budget vote in November and as needed during the year for that school year, Operating Budget vote in June for the next school year; parents pay OFHSA annual membership fees ($15 per individual or family membership).